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Safety and compliance for the utility industry. In one place.

Skillko simplifies compliance, training, and operational management for the utilities sector. Ensure your workforce is compliant, trained, and ready to meet the challenges of today's energy demands.

Trusted by 220,000 users across leading companies

In the utilities sector, managing compliance, training, and operational efficiency across diverse fields like Power, Water, Rail, Telco, and Gas can seem like a Herculean task.

With stringent regulatory requirements and the critical need for operational safety and DNO training levels, the stakes couldn't be higher. If managing these aspects has become a bottleneck in your operational efficiency, Skillko is your solution.


“The blend of the LMS and compliance applications enables our business to live to our core values ‘SAFE’ and ‘DELIVER’, delivering the highest standard of training. The availability and passion of the Skillko team is a huge comfort to our business.”


Shane Blaney
Operations Director - Designer Group

Embrace operational excellence with Skillko’s comprehensive utilities management solution.

Skillko brings a revolutionised approach to utility operations management. Our platform is specifically designed to address the unique compliance and training challenges in the utilities sector, ensuring that your workforce not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

Accelerate compliance management.

Navigate through the complexities of regulatory compliance with our automated system, designed to keep you ahead of industry standards effortlessly.

Utility companies leveraging Skillko have reported a 90% reduction in compliance-related administrative tasks, allowing them to focus more on core operational activities.


Efficient training and development.

Empower your workforce with the right skills and knowledge through our streamlined training and development module, tailored for the utilities sector.

With Skillko, utility operators have seen a 60% improvement in the efficiency of training programs, ensuring that staff are proficient and up-to-date with the latest industry practices.

Enhanced operational visibility.

Gain unparalleled insights into your operations with Skillko’s dashboard, providing real-time data on workforce compliance, training status, and operational efficiency.

Adopting Skillko’s platform has enabled utility companies to enhance their operational visibility by over 70%, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and accountability.


Supply chain compliance.

Ensure every link in your supply chain meets your rigorous standards for safety and compliance with Skillko’s comprehensive supply chain management solution.

Utilising Skillko for supply chain compliance has streamlined vendor and contractor management processes, significantly reducing the risk of non-compliance and enhancing operational safety.

Master incident and key management.

Elevate your utility sector's safety and security with Skillko’s advanced incident and key management system. Ensure swift, effective incident response and secure, controlled access to critical areas, protecting both your workforce and infrastructure.

By integrating Skillko’s incident and key management solutions, utility companies have enhanced their operational security and response times, leading to a safer, more compliant environment and significantly reducing the risk of security breaches or safety violations.


Tool box talks / company briefings.

Create custom toolbox talks and briefings specific to your business.

Send automated notifications and add Digital sign-off and photo verification to further enhance compliance.

Completely remove manual notifications. Notifications automatically sent at booking & reminders sent of a scheduled course.

Achieve unprecedented efficiency in utilities management


Decrease time

spent on compliance verification by up to 80%.


Enhance training

program delivery and completion rates by 65%, ensuring a competent workforce.


Improve supply chain

management efficiency by 75%, securing a compliant and reliable network of contractors and suppliers.


“We implemented Skillko to consolidate training information in one location and to streamline the booking, scheduling and payment of training courses. We instantly saw a positive impact throughout our HSEQ team and Operations teams. It has saved our business weeks in training administration tasks per month, reduced our compliance risk, and significantly reduced our training no-show rate.”


Sinead Gaines
EQHS Manager, PJ Hegarty & Sons


Transform the way you manage utility operations.

Our tailored solutions for the utilities sector not only streamline compliance and training but also elevate your operational capabilities. Book your demo now and take the first step towards operational excellence in the utilities sector.

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