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Competency & Training Compliance

Skillko Resource Training & Compliance Platform

Remove the pain of Competency, Training and Induction Management forever.

How our Competency, Training & Compliance platform streamlines your business

Training Management


Ensure one central source of truth for all employee training records.

The Resource Training & Compliance platform provides a digital training matrix and individual staff user profiles.

100% compliance gains in direct & supply chain staff training

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Onboarding & Inductions


Create and digities Inductions, Onboarding forms, Tool Box Talks & other elearning courses through Skillko.

Ensure completion compliance with our digital sign off and photo verifcation features.

68% savings and efficiency gains in onboarding and inductions processes

Skills Gaps Competency Management


Track and monitor gaps in your compliance by job role, project, customer or business unit.

This market leading feature allows a business to know exactly what skillset their staff has or more importantly has not.

85% Reduced administration time for HSEQ & Operations Teams

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Skillko Resource Training & Compliance Platform

Skillko Supply Chain Compliance for workforce

Improved productivity and Compliance with our Resource Training & Compliance


From hours wasted with spreadsheets or bolt on systems, to the challenge of certificate management and all that time spent on inductions, there is a better way.

We are the market leading partner to companies in Ireland & the UK to ensure training, inductions and resource compliance across their business

Reduced risk with Skillko Supply Chain

Reduced Risk

Supply Chain Knowledge

Improved Supplier Knowledge

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Trusted by companies across the UK and Ireland

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Discover how Skillko Resource Training & Compliance Platform can improve your business