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Smarter competency & compliance management.

Real-time compliance automation, 24/7 onboarding & training, faster supply chain qualification—all enabling a safer and more productive workforce at the point of service.


Smarter Competency & Compliance Management

Real-time compliance automation, 24/7 onboarding & training, faster supply chain qualification - all enabling a safer and more productive workforce at the point of service

Trusted by 220,000 users across leading companies

Enable a safer, more productive and data-driven workforce across your whole supply chain.

Maintaining compliance and competency standards across all your partners can be hard. Skillko gives you real-time visibility and helps automate away a lot of the manual administration.


“The blend of the LMS and compliance applications enables our business to live to our core values ‘SAFE’ and ‘DELIVER’, delivering the highest standard of training. The availability and passion of the Skillko team is a huge comfort to our business.”


Shane Blaney
Operations Director - Designer Group

Real-time skills gap analysis.

Track and monitor gaps in your compliance by job role, project, customer or business unit.

This market-leading feature will allow your business to know exactly what skillsets your staff have—or more importantly, have not.

80% reduction in administration time for HSEQ and Ops teams.


Faster onboarding and inductions.

Create and digitise inductions, onboarding forms, Tool Box talks and other e-learning courses through Skillko.

Ensure completion compliance with our digital sign-off and photo verification features.

68% in efficiency gains in onboarding and induction processes.

Smarter training management.

Ensure one central source of truth for all employee training records.

The Resource Training & Compliance platform provides a digital training matrix and individual staff user profiles.

100% compliance gains in direct and supply chain training.


Reduce administration time by up to 80% and 2X compliance scores in weeks.


Remove duplication

Completely remove duplication of work between HSEQ, Ops and Finance teams.


10x faster

Onboard contractors up to 10 times faster than separate apps, paper and spreadsheets.


Reduce administration

Remove up to 80% of administration time for onboarding contractors.


“We implemented Skillko to consolidate training information in one location and to streamline the booking, scheduling and payment of training courses. We instantly saw a positive impact throughout our HSEQ team and Operations teams. It has saved our business weeks in training administration tasks per month, reduced our compliance risk, and significantly reduced our training no-show rate.”


Sinead Gaines
EQHS Manager, PJ Hegarty & Sons


Join the ranks of leading companies across utilities, construction, logistics, and facilities, transforming their workforce and supply chain.

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